Patient Review by Senait A

For years I’ve been frightened to go to the dentist, so I put it off as long as I could. Then I needed dental work and had to bite the bullet and make the call. I walk in to Dr Tekle’s office & just made up my mind for the first time in years.......Everyone is very nice, I feel great and there is no Such a small thing taking out a wisdom tooth wasn’t easy, was I afraid ? yes but dr Tekle & her Assistant Nancy made me so comfortable & I Did not feel a thing & they told me they are done! what a comfort. The staff is so friendly and adept at their jobs. The office is clean and such a friendly place to taken care of. I recommend them to anyone who needs a new dentist and who wants it done right the first time. They are wonderful. XOXO love them all ! They deserved 10 stars * not only 5* I m sold I m all theirs now ! S.A

- Senait A

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