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Elsabet H. Tekle, DDS

5 out of 5 stars based on 41 reviews.

Patient Review by John B

Not only have I received regular dental care from Dr. Tekle, which has been excellent by the way, but recently utilized Dr. Tekle's services for Sleep Apena. The service provided has allowed me to no longer require a CPAP machine thereby providing a less intrusive sleep experience and saves from the cost of maintenance and up keep of the CPAP device.

- John B

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Patient Review by Tom R

My wife and I first became a patient of Dr. Elliot Shapiro when his office was in Silver Spring. (At that time -1972 - we lived in Silver Spring). Subsequently we moved around the country (Hampton, Va, Denver, San Francisco, then to Reston Virginia... Upon returning to Reston we remembered Dr. Shapiro and how we both liked both his dentistry as well as his winning personality and began coming to his office on Georgia Avenue. Sadly my wife died in an auto accident in 2002. I continued with Dr. Shapiro as he took on a new associate, Dr. Tekle and gradually withdrew into retirement. In 2004, I moved to Warrenton Virginia - approximately 75 miles west of Silver Spring... yet I still see Dr. Tekle as my Dentist and her excellent hygienist, Mayumi, on a regular basis - having had fillings, bridge work, root canals, and other heroics performed to salvage most of my natural teeth (at the age of 81). I know there are several very competent dentists in Warrenton, but I feel that the superior care that I get from Dr. Tekle and her wonderful staff are well worth the long drive.

- Tom R

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Patient Review by Shafiq K

I don't know how a dentist could be better than Dr. Tekle. I have been her client for a decade or so and couldn't be happier. I have used her for routine cleaning as well as caps and root canals--where she referred me to someone else who was outstanding. My entire family now goes solely to her. Dr. Tekle is wonderfully warm, friendly (while being extraordinarily professional) and treats her patients as her family. I completely trust her and follow whatever she recommends. She has also surrounded herself with a great staff that is similarly warm, friendly and professional. The office is also very nice and pleasant and has very easy access and parking. Dr. Tekle has my highest recommendation.

- Shafiq K

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Patient Review by Steven G

Dr. Tekle is a very gentle and highly skilled dentist. She is the best dentist I ever had in over 55 years of dental experience.

- Steven G

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Patient Review by James D

Both my wife and I have had extensive work accomplished by Dr. Tekle. In all cases we have been very pleased. With total confidence I would recommend Dr. Tekle for all dental care.

- James D

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Patient Review by Gail R

Love the dentist and staff. I feel as if I am receiving the absolute best dental care!

- Gail R

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Patient Review by Gina A

Ever since Dr. Tekle took over from Dr. Shapiro the level of proficiency and professionalism has remained the same or better!!! Dr. Shapiro insisted on the best level of care for his patients. I have been affiliated with this office since the 1980's.

- Gina A

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Patient Review by Marcia J

Dr. Tekle and the entire staff are just wonderful. I have been coming there for many, many years and have recommended her on many occasions. She could be the poster person for what good dentistry is supposed to be.

- Marcia J

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Patient Review by David M

I've been going to Dr. Tekle for the approximately 15 years and before that when she was in practice with Elliott Shapiro, DDS. I'm a satisfied 'customer' and feel that way each time I go which is every three months. I've had (have) a number dental, gum, mouth and other problems over the years which Dr. Tekle has corrected. She also does a thorough job of checking the entire mouth and the glands in the neck. She identified a serious thyroid problem and the walked me to a endocrinologist office in the building and described the problem to the doctor. I was taken immediately and treated for a condition that was life threatening. She always takes care to avoid any necessary discomfort.

- David M

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Patient Review by Susan S

Dr. Tekle and her staff are wonderful. Their efforts to keep you comfortable, whether for a simple cleaning or a complicated procedure, are excellent and greatly appreciated!

- Susan S

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Patient Review by James B

James B. Dr. Tekle has been my dentist for over 20 years. It has been a family affair because she also cares for the dental needs of my son James Jr, and my daughter Erica. Dr. Tekle specializes in low cost preventive dentistry and hygiene. This approach has worked very well for me and my family. As a technology person, I really appreciate that Dr. Tekle utilizes emerging technologies in her practice to ensure the best possible care for her patients. Dr. Tekle provides love and a personal touch to all her patients and without reservations, I highly recommend that you trust her with your dental needs. I absolutely trust Dr. Tekle. I follow her recommendations for home care and treatment. I have no doubt that her wisdom and treatments have prevented many problems and help me maintain good healthy teeth.

- James B

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Patient Review by Alisha S

The staff was very nice and the office runs very efficiently; I hardly had to wait and I was in and out in no time. I used to have a very negative impression of the dentist office, but I don't anymore.

- Alisha S

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Patient Review by Nancy K

Very professional and thorough treatment.

- Nancy K

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Patient Review by Emily M

Dr. Tekle is a miracle worker! I needed extensive dental work done involving bridges and crowns. The appointments were lengthy and took one year to complete. Dr. Tekle came up with a comprehensive plan of action and kept me informed of each step. The equipment is state of the art and I honestly had no pain after an appointment. Dr. Tekle is the ultimate professional and showed great care and compassion during every visit.

- Emily M

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Patient Review

Dr. Tekle took over the practice from Dr. Shapiro and has been an excellent dentist. I don't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who asks me.

- Anonymous

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Patient Review by Amy R

I originally scheduled a visit with Dr. Tekle in 2012 because of the close proximity of her office to my home and work. Because Dr. Tekle and her staff were approachable, welcoming, and good at what they do I established relationship with this practice for my husband and I to receive our dental care. Over the past four years, we’ve received great care. Recently, I just complete Invisalign and am very pleased with the results. This is a top-notch practice and I highly recommend it to my friends and others.

- Amy R

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Patient Review by Paulis W

She's a really terrific dentist in every respect and it's a well run practice. She's very gentle and considerate of pain and dentalphobes. She did a procedure on me that was complicated and went very well. Both my daughters see her and she referred one to excellent specialist care when everyone else had not been encouraging, and it's working out very well. She provides nitrous if you are seeking it for pain during procedures. She doesn't push to sell you on procedures but is very capable in dental and cosmetic dentistry. She's highly trustworthy. The charges are fair and she works with insurance companies. Our family really likes her.

- Paulis W

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Patient Review by Anthony R

Great service and care.

- Anthony R

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Patient Review

Dr. Tekle has been my dentist for nearly a decade, and I couldn't speak more highly of her both as a person and a professional. Her office runs smoothly, with a warm and competent staff. In the 10 years there have been no issues with appointments, promptness, or services rendered. She and her staff are gentle and outstanding. She did a bridge for me, crowns and other work. She is simply the best.

- Anonymous

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Patient Review by Stephanie D

I have been coming to Dr. Tekle for years. She and her staff are wonderful! I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to the dentist, but they always make sure I am comfortable. The cleanings are quick and painless.

- Stephanie D

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