COVID Reopening Guidelines

Our office is open to see patients for all their dental care needs.
Call us at Elsabet H. Tekle, DDS Phone Number 301-384-7800 to schedule your appointment!

We’ve reopened our practice in accordance with CDC, O.S.H.A., and State Dental Board guidelines to responsibly resume seeing our patients for regular dental appointments and treatment.

We want to assure you of the measures we take to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Our team has had additional training to ensure our processes meet or exceed sanitation and sterilization standards of care<, and we have elevated our infection control procedures in response to this time of global concern. You can visit our practice with confidence, knowing we are taking additional measures to provide for the safety of our patients and our team:

Elevated infection control standards including the thorough sterilization and disinfection of treatment rooms and instruments between each patient. As a surgery office, we always adhere to CDC guidelines for infection control and prevention, and sterilization, including the following:

  • All instruments are sterilized in autoclave machines, similar to those used in hospitals. These machines use steam and pressure to reach and maintain a temperature high enough to kill any microorganisms and their spores.
  • Disposable plastic wrap is used to cover surfaces that are touched by surgeons and surgical assistants, such as light handles.
  • Before and after each patient, our assistants use bacterial and viral wipes to clean all surfaces in the treatment room that were touched by the surgeon, assistants or patient.
  • Surgeons and assistants wear new gloves and masks for every patient and patients are provided with protective eyewear during surgical procedures

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking additional steps out of an abundance of caution to protect our patients, staff and doctors.

  • We are treating all surfaces in the office with long-lasting antimicrobial solutions, in addition to wiping everything down in the operatories and consultation rooms with disinfectant between patients.
  • We are using long-lasting hand sanitizer, as well as single-use gloves with each patient.
  • Our doctors and staff wear additional PPE, such as N95 masks and face shields. We treat all scrubs, lab coats, and other uniforms with antimicrobial solutions
  • Hand sanitizer and tissues are provided for all patients, and parents or guardians accompanying minor patients.
  • Continued social distancing practices — you check in for your appointment, please wait outside the office and we will text or call to let you know the team is ready to begin your appointment.
    • All appointments are scheduled to allow extra time between patients.
    • Seating in the waiting area has been rearranged to provide at least six feet between patients.
    • Anyone accompanying a patient will be asked to wait in the car, unless the patient is a minor, in which case only one parent should be with the patient.
    • Only the patient will be allowed in the consultation and surgery rooms, unless the patient is a minor.
    • All new patients are asked to complete registration and health history forms online to minimize the time spent in common areas of the office.
    • Virtual consultations are also available to reduce the time patients are in the office.
  • Preemptive screenings – All patients and staff members will be screened and have temperatures taken upon arrival. Patients will be asked to complete additional health history information. Employees also complete. Staff will take covid 19 tests on a monthly basis and complete a self certification every 3 days.
  • Adherence to standard sterile healthcare environment protocols including hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment (e.g. gloves, masks, face shields, eyewear), respiratory hygiene, sharps safety, safe injection practices (when applicable), sterile instruments and devices, and clean and disinfected environmental surfaces and common areas.


Will be asked to wear a mask to their appointment.

Prior to Appointment

  • If you are a new patient, we ask that you complete registration forms and health history online.
  • When scheduling appointments, you will be asked basic screening questions, such as:
  • Do you have a fever? Have you felt feverish in the past 14-21 days?
  • Are you experiencing shortness of breath or other difficulty breathing?
  • Do you have a cough?
  • Do you have any other flu symptoms, such as headache, fatigue, or stomach upset?
  • Have you experienced recent loss of smell or taste?
  • Are you in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 positive patients?
  • Do you have heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, or any autoimmune disorders?
  • Have you traveled in the past 14 days to any region affected by COVID-19?

Upon Arrival for Your Appointment

  • To maintain proper social distancing, when you arrive at the office for your appointment, please call our main office number. One of our staff members will let you know when you should come into the office.
  • If anyone accompanies you to your appointment, they will be asked to wait in the car.
  • When you arrive, one of our surgical assistants will take your temperature and ask you the screening questions above.

During Appointments

Only the patient will be allowed in the consultation or surgery room, unless the patient is a minor. If the patient is under 18, one parent (or guardian) can be in the consultation room. No one is allowed in the surgery room except the patient.


Will be allowed in one at a time. Visitors will also be asked to complete a health screening form.